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Makita 9.6 Volt

Makita 9.6 Volt

Makita 9.6 Volt


Replacement Part #:

Makita 191681-2, 632007-4, 9000, 9001, 9002, 9033, 9034, 9600, B9000

Compatible With:

Makita Drills and Drivers:
6012HD, 6012HDL, 6012HDW, 6092D, 6092DW, 6093D, 6093DW, 6094D, 6094DW, 6095D, 6095DW, 6095DWBE, 6095DWDE, 6095DWE, 6095DWL-2, 6096D, 6096DW, 6096DWBE, 6096DWE, 6096DWLE, 8400D, 8400VD, 8400VDW, 8402DW, 8402VD, 8402VDW, DA390D, DA390DW, DA391D, DA391DRA, DA391DW, DA391DWB, DA391DWD  
Makita Screwdrivers:
6891D, 6891DW 

Makita Impact Wrenches:
6900D, 6900DW 

Makita Tile and Glass, Jig, Circular, and Reciprocating Saws:
4190D, 4190DB, 4190DW, 4190DWD, 4300D, 4300DW, 4390D, 4390DW, 5090D, 5090DW, 903D, 903DW 

Makita Flashlights:
ML900, ML902 

Makita Staplers:
T220D, T220DW 
Makita Cordless Vacuum Cleaners:
4093D, 4093DW 

Other Makita Power Tools:

UM1690D, UM1691D 

and more models.