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We provide a wide range of innovative power solutions tailored specifically for your needs.

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Portable Power. Without the noise, fuel or fumes.

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Our most reliable sealed lead acid batteries.

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One Year Warranty

We believe in our products and stand behind them with our one year hassle free warranty.

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We are proud to offer Free Priority shipping to anywhere within the United States. 

24-Hour Support

Our world class customer service is friendly and available for questions or comments 24/7. 

AGM Batteries

Our oldest and most reliable sealed lead acid batteries are perfect for backup systems (UPS), Alarms, solar devices, projects and anything else that needs reliable power. 

PowerSport Series

High quality, yet competitively priced, our PowerSport Series offers a
complete line of batteries to power all your Motorcycles, Scooter, and ATVs. 

Portable Power Stations

The next generation of lithium powered energy storage is here! Our Portable Power Stations are 1/4 the weight of a traditional generator and come without the loud noise, fuel or fumes associated with gas generators. Our power stations use Pure Sine wave inverters and can be recharged with solar panels for clean, green energy. 

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    "Our purpose is to provide you with batteries that will work reliably and that will stand the test of time"  - ExpertPower

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    We make one thing: batteries. Trust is powerful, which is we're not afraid to stand behind our products with our 1 year warranty. 

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    "Our promise is to always provide you with high quality, affordable power so you can keep doing more of what you love. " - ExpertPower